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There are very few cat owners who do not become totally captivated by their pets. Some spend a great deal of time and money caring or their cats and looking after their and well being. Normally once you allow a cat into life its comfort and care will become of paramount importance to you.

There are even cat owners who will tell you that their cat understands every word they say and they believe it. Unfortunately the experts tell us that this is not actually the case. No matter how intelligent your cat is it cannot understand your language.

What it does do is understand the tone of your voice and it is believed that as far a cat is concerned we only have two tones. These we can call love and anger. If you want to test this theory out try telling your cat off but using your loving and soft voice. The result will be that your pet will look up at you and purr in exactly the same way as if you were telling it how much you loved it. I would not recommend trying the reverse experiment of shouting at the cat how much you loved it but trust me there would be no purring.

As someone who lives alone I talk to my cat all the time and it is as much for my benefit as his. If someone on the television or radio comes out with a statement I disagree with I will explain to my cat why that is wrong. I have even in the past asked my cat if it knows where my car keys are when I can not find them. Not surprisingly he never does.

In my experience cats love to be talked too. Mine sits there wide eyed listening to every word I say. Well he does until he gets bored which can vary from 30 seconds to 10 minutes when he either goes to sleep or wanders off. A cat can be an ideal sounding board if you have a problem you want to discuss and sort out in your own mind. They rarely interrupt, never make pointless suggestions or change the subject. Yet, somehow once you have explained all the facts to your cat the solution becomes much clearer.

So talking to your cat can be good for both of you even if neither of you really understand a word the other is saying.