Cat Care – The Truth Behind Cat Training

Cat care

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A new cat is fun, exciting, and full of unexpected surprises. First things first, though. What about that mischievous behavior. Should a cat attend obedience classes? Actually, there truly is no need to even bother with it. With the correct training, your cat can become a well behaved addition to your loving family…and all without spending a bundle on expensive classes!

So training is evidently, the first step to proper cat care. How does cat training in 10 minutes sound? Everything your kitty needs to know will be taught to him in ten minutes! Six hundred seconds of intense miraculous training! Ready to write your check?

Now…get serious. Cat training in ten minutes sounds good on paper, but training is all about consistency and reinforcement. Training aids are one thing that will make cat training a lot easier on you and your cat. The following aids are great ways to improve cat behavior and that all-too-distinct curious “style”.

A necessary part of cat world is a proper litter tray. One of the disadvantages of keeping a cat indoors is dealing with their dirt. Litter trays will become extremely useful at this point. Litter trays will keep the duty where it belongs and makes cleaning up after your feline friend a lot easier. Some people even choose to toilet train their cat for even easier potty clean-up.

Have you ever heard of cat grass? Plant eating is also a custom of the cats. They do this to provoke vomiting (similar to dogs) and sometimes just out of curiosity. Cat grass is a fine substitute to keep your plants safe from the chomping jaws of a kitty-cat.

Just like most humans, cats love to nest and so they need a place to do so. Cats enjoy going to lofty spots in order to take in their surroundings. It is their way of seeking company. To keep them from tromping over furniture, have a nesting spot for your cat. This should be elevated and comfortable. Rub a treat into the spot, when it is first created, as a way to attract the cat. After that, your cat will want to return to its new found “kitty haven”.

Obviously, this is not all of the cat training aids there are available. Treats offer a fun way of positive reinforcement; yarn and balls are good for exercise. There are tons! Most importantly tolerance and consistency are still two crucial parts of cat training (even with aids). Plus remember, this is not a form of “cat training in ten minutes”.

The thing to know is that cat training in ten minutes just isn’t real. Cats, like many animals, will require training to be incorporated into their daily lives in order for it to work. Despite this, training your cat is worth all the efforts. The good behavior of your cat is reward enough and you can relax, knowing that peace will reign within your home.