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We have all seen cats sleeping in windows and cuddling up with their owners. The fact is that cats are wonderful, loving pets that are a joy to own.

However, the cat species that we know of today was very different thousands of years ago. History tells us that cat domestication took place thousands of years ago in the Nile valley. Wild cats became friendly to humans as we began to approach them and encourage them to stay by feeding them food.

Cats then began to see humans as friendly and allowed themselves to be taken in as companions. As time progressed, cats have become loyal and endearing members to human families. In the early days, cats were used as hunters against pests and rodents. They proved themselves to be effective hunters as the would sleep in the daytime and offer protection at night.

Compared to dogs, cats have superior night vision and superb hearing skills. Cats would alarm their owners if they heard someone moving in the house of if they perceived some type of danger, while a dog would continue to sleep. Now a days, the role of cats has changed mostly to the role of companions and for show.

There are a wide variety of cat breeds available today, from the Siamese and Persian to the alley cat. If well taken care of, all breeds will provide you with loving companionship. If you are thinking of getting a older cat or a kitten, it is important to investigate where the cat is originating from.

Make sure that the cat breeder has an excellent reputation if you choose to get your cat from a breeder. The cattery should be clean and be in good shape. Verify that the kittens that are still in the cattery are living in clean, open surroundings. Check to see if their food and water dishes are clean and if their litter boxes have been well maintained.

Kittens should be free to run in the open and not be left in a cage. A good sign of a healthy cat is that they have a shiny fur coat and none of their ribs should be visible. Kittens should be used to being handled and touched. Kittens that have been handled young should be sweet and show no signs of fear.

Kittens should not be allowed to leave their nest until they are about twelve weeks to sixteen weeks. This allows for the cats immune system to fully develop.

Cats make for excellent pets. If you take your time and check for these basic signs of good cat health, you will have less problems in the future and have a more enjoyable experience with your feline friend.