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This is a review of “Video Catnip” (the video can be found all over the internet) a video intended for all cats whose owners go out to work and have to leave them locked indoors during the day and, naturally, for full-time indoor cats. This video will provide hours of entertainment for your cat. We all know that cats like catnip and tend to go a little loopy around it so this film is has been well named. Let's rewind a little and just explain what the video is all about. The original video was shot in 1989 and was 25 minutes long but the re-vamped DVD includes not only the original but also an additional 1 1/2 hours of footage shot in high quality video.

The DVD is divided into four distinct sections #1 to entertain the cat owner #2 slower, but advising the owner that the main event (for the cat/s) is about to start – these two sections only last about five minutes. The rest of the DVD is most of the original video plus a further 1 1/2 hours of sounds and pictures for cats. So what is on the video and do the cats really like what they see? The film is a compilation of things all kitties like, birds, squirrels and chipmunks and are shot at close quarters so your cat can see and hear what is going on. Most cats are already curious about the television but if the sounds are right and it looks like prey, their in-built patience will have them watching for hours. However, herein lies a bit of a dilemma. If your cat is happy to be entertained in this way, you will need to ensure that the television you use is suitable for kitty pouncing. Your favorite 60″ plasma screen is not going to stand-up to it and really neither is any sort of flat screen. Try to use an old-fashioned television preferably with a durable frame (like a bottomless crate) built around it so your cat can get the advantage of attacking from above. Cats have known to get a little excited with this video so arrange your room accordingly. Since its introduction, “Video Catnip” has been an out-and-out best seller for cat entertainment although it is likely to be more appreciated by indoor cats than those who can get the real thing outside.

However, it does not mean that your cat will not be interested if she goes outside, it depends on her temperament. If your cat shows any interest in your television, it is most likely that she will also enjoy being entertained by a video made especially for her. Currently there are other DVDs available along the same lines, but in all honesty they do not offer the same kitty interest although they do tend to be a bit cheaper. This review of “Video Catnip” is, however, based on viewer satisfaction and not on price but at less than $18 it is a worthwhile purchase for your cat or cats. Do heed the warnings though, no plasma or flat screens and move the vases and plants from around the television before viewing begins! zx99gt44

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