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Cats need a lot of care and attention during their pregnancy. In this article, I would suggest you some important points that will help you take good care of your cat during pregnancy.

Recognising Signs of Pregnancy

In order to take care of a pregnant cat it is essential to be aware of some signs of pregnancy in cats. Most cats become affectionate and quite during their pregnancy. They will spend more time at home and will completely change their daily routine. By the third week of pregnancy the cat's nipples will become enlarged and dark pink. You can even take your cat to an experienced veterinarian to detect your queen's pregnancy. He will be able to palpitate the abdomen and feel the kittens around 17 to 25 days.

Diet & Nutrition During Pregnancy

Once you are sure that your cat is pregnant, the first and foremost step is to take care of her food and ensure that she gets the right amount of nutrition required at this stage. Cats need more nutrients when they are pregnant especially calcium and proteins. Lack of calcium can lead to something called as milk fever or eclampsia. Brands like Eukanuba, Cimiao prepare special food for cats during pregnancy. This food contains all the necessary nutrients that are essential for your cat during pregnancy. If you are making the food at home than it is important to increase the amount of proteins in her food. Proteins contribute a lot in the growth and development of kittens. You must avoid giving her too much salty, spicy or fatty food as it is not good for your cat's health. It will be easier for your pregnant cat if you start giving her smaller and more frequent meals.

Notice Small Changes

Another important thing that you must take care during your cat's pregnancy is to keep a track on her behavioural changes. She might act differently or become more aggressive during her gestation period. Your cat can also have morning sickness; make sure there is plenty of water available for her. It is common for a cat to deliver in her own litter box. Therefore, you must ensure that you provide her with a non clumping litter. Such a litter box will help to keep her and her offspring clean.

Role of Exercise

Exercise is very important for cats during pregnancy. This will keep her muscles toned and will help her during birth. Also, you must ensure that the place around her is cleaned and wiped properly. She must be kept away from worms as they can pass to the kittens via bloodstream or mother's milk after birth. Furthermore, you should take her to a veterinarian for checkups at regular intervals.

Things to do in the Last Week of Pregnancy

Apart from these tips your cat needs some special attention during her final stage of pregnancy; here are some points that will help you to take proper care of her during last stage of pregnancy:

Keep other cats awayDon't pick her up, hug her tightly or do anything that will make your cat miserableRemember to give her special attention during the final stage of pregnancyKeep a close eye on your catPrepare a home for kittens before they are born

If you have any experiences related to your cat's pregnancy, you are welcome to share them with us!

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