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What you feed your pet is one of the key factors in its health. That being said with so many options out there it can be a little confusing trying to decide what variety to choose. However, once you learn the benefits of dry cat food, the process becomes pretty easy.

No Messes Or Stinky Smells

Many pet cat owners who feed their cats wet food know the disadvantages of doing so very well. It can be messy and pretty stinky, especially once you've accumulated a few cans in your garbage or recycling bin. A much cleaner and non-smelly way to go is dry food which never gets nasty or stinky and actually lasts much longer.

Savings Abound

Since you can buy larger amounts of it, without having to worry about it going bad manufacturers offer some pretty big sizes. And these can be a real advantage to pet owners because generally the higher the weight you purchase the less and less it costs per pound. If you add that up over the lifetime of your pet, those are some serious savings.

A Multitude Of Flavors

Some owners look down on dry options because they feel that they don't look tasty. In reality nothing could be further from the truth and the fact that millions of cats come running everyday when they hear it hit the bowl is proof of this. There are actually all sorts of flavors such as beef, lamb, chicken and countless others plus a huge number of combinations that incorporate a mixture of them.

Things Are Starting To Get Wild

Now is an exciting time for owners and cats alike since there has been a real movement towards using food made from animals a little wilder than in the past. Game animals like deer, salmon, duck and many more are all on the menu. A lot of these are available as grain free dry cat food as well since cats are by nature predators and in recent years many vets have been recommending a more natural diet.

Special Food For Special Pets

Not all felines have the same needs. A healthy adult cat will have different dietary requirements than one which is overweight. Fortunately the best dry cat food brands offer not just choices for the average fur baby, but for those that need to eat a unique diet based on their age, medical condition, or weight. Whether you have a little baby kitten or an adult which has a problem coughing up hair balls there is delicious and dry solution to give them what they need.

With advantages like these it's just about impossible not to become a dry cat food convert. Just remember to buy in large quantities for the biggest savings possible. And for something a little more natural be sure to check out game flavored options that would make your pet's wild cousins jealous.

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