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Cats are cute but kittens are cuter, so people get confused when it comes to selecting a pet between cats and kittens. Kittens are sweet little babies and are very attractive. But remember raising them up is not at all easy. It requires lots of patience, effort and time. If you don't have any of these then choosing an adult cat will be a better option.

In case of an adult cat, what you see is what you get. The cat's body type, eye color and coat, all are set. The cases of cat illness are comparatively less. Kitten proofing is not required for them.

Reasons for choosing an adult cat:

  • Less destructive and messy as compared to kittens
  • No need of constant supervision
  • Adult cats adopted from rescue organizations or a breeder are usually neutered or spayed
  • Adult cats have better litter box habits
  • More friendly with children
  • Owners can have a sound sleep

Moreover you will get a good companion for yourself which is already trained. You will have enough of information about the cat diet, behavior and characteristics if you choose it from an animal shelter. This really helps in getting friendly with the cat. An adult cat can bond with you exactly like a kitten. But choosing an adult cat can become disadvantageous if you can't get its past records.

So whenever you decide of choosing an adult cat, try to collect all the relevant information. Internet can be a good source for the same. For an adult cat care, it is important to understand the environment and the lifestyle in which you want your cat to live.

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