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Many people believe that it is pretty much impossible to train a cat. However, while it may be a lot more difficult to train a cat than a dog, for example, this doesn't mean it is impossible. Cats are certainly very independent creatures but with the right attitude and motivation there is no reason why you couldn't train your cat well. Here are some cat training tips that should help you out.

It is important that you don't ever punish your cat. As soon as you find something that your cat may have done they are likely to have already forgotten about it. This makes punishing them a complete waste of time and they are not actually going to understand why you are doing it. These punishments can therefore be confusing and can hinder your training progress.

Instead of actually punishing bad behavior it is far more productive for you to reward good behavior. If you see your cat is doing something that they should be doing then you need to present them with a reward immediately. This reward can be anything from a small edible treat to an item to play with.

Cats generally like to remain on a schedule. As such you should make sure that you feed them at exactly the same time every single day, give or take half an hour. Try to make sure that the environment in which they live stays very similar as well. If you do something different then keep an eye on your cat and make sure that this doesn't affect them. Stress will usually end up causing bad behavior in turn and this is something you want to avoid.

Even the best cat isn't necessarily going to be able to avoid temptation all of the time. As such it is important for you to try to cat proof your house as much as you can just as you would if you were baby proofing your house. However, remember that your cat can pretty much get wherever it wants to and therefore you need to lock down certain areas of the house where you may not want them to go.

Spend time with your cat as well. If you don't spend time socializing and playing with your cat then they are likely to get bored and this will lead to bad behaviour. Provide them with toys and scratching posts so that their attention is not on causing havoc around the house but simply on having fun.

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