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Felines are affectionate and loving but they also have an independent streak. They like to pick out their own comfortable spot and it seems that the higher off the ground the better and a Cat Climber is just the right place.Living inside is much healthier for your cat, things like spending more time with you and being protected from the weather, but living indoors has its own set of challenges. Indoor cats, although having a nice lifestyle, miss out on some of the things outdoor cats love. Things like rapid climbing up poles, trees or fences. This kind of activity can be allowed inside a home, but it must occur on a PVC Cat Climber, and not your furniture.We have come up with a couple solutions for time old challenge; its frame is made out of a heavy duty industrial strength PVC. This material is light weight in design but very durable.

The frame of the unit can be bleached for easy clean up. One of the nicest features of this product is that it's modular; you can just clip other section together and make your Cat Fun Center as long or as short as you want.With our multi level design and the sheep skin furry pads used for landing you cat will feel right at home on this Cat Climber. Cats need to be able to see across the room and it's even better if they can see outside a window from their high perch it's even better. This all can be accomplished with the PVC Cat Climber.Cats love a place to snuggle and one that can warm them. We make the landing areas and cubby areas out of washable material for easy clean up. The sheep skin furry pads just on clip from the Cat Climber for easy remove and installation. The Cat Fun Center is a two level design that be clipped into an existing Cat Climber or be ordered from the factory with it on the unit.

The Cat Fun Center is a two level design with side whole on each level allowing the cat to jump from level to level, and it has one cubby hole on the front side and the middle level so they can play peek a boo with you or the other cats. Each level is made from a sheep skin furry pad which gives the cats the warmth they enjoy. The Cat Climber would be a great addition to any existing Kali Ko Cathouse by just clipping it into the sides of the Cat Enclosure. Please visit our website at

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