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A guide to the pesky fleas

It is the pesky fleas that pet owners are most bothered by. These are tiny bloodsucking creatures that feed on cats, dogs and other animals. Heavy infestations can lead to severe anemia especially in young kittens. They can bite up to 10 times in a day and on an average can suck at least 15 times their respective body weight in blood. These flea bites can also result in skin irritation followed by dermatitis and skin damage.

Few cats are also allergic to the components of flea saliva as a result of which they develop FAD (Flea Allergy Dermatitis). This may result in marked hair loss especially on the abdomen, tail, flanks and back of the thighs on account of excessive licking and grooming.

Keep cat fleas away with Frontline Plus for cats

Pet owners no longer need to worry about cat fleas as Generic Frontline Plus; one of the most reliable pet stores has come up with Frontline Plus for cats. This topical application for controlling flea infestation as well as biting lice on both kittens and cats has a quick onset of action. It works fast and kills adult flea re-infestations on cats for a minimum period of 1 month. This flea preventive aid to stop hatching of flea eggs, killing pupae and larvae produced by any fleas especially adult fleas attained for at least a period of 6 weeks post treatment.

It contains two active ingredients (S) -methoprene and fipronil that provides enduring control against adult fleas on cats and kittens. It also helps in killing every stage of fleas in the cats surrounding with daily use, thereby leaving the cat flea free and carefree. Regarded as one of the most effective cat fleas preventive, Frontline Plus for cats has no comparison to any other flea control. It rapidly moves via the oils on the cat's skin and naturally collects in both the hair follicles as well as oil-producing glands. It is reapplied constantly to the skin and hair, thereby resulting in continuing flea control.

It is gentle and safe to be used on kittens aged above 8 weeks as well as on nursing, pregnant and breeding cats. The annoying fleas breed all year through hence pet owners must ensure continuing treating their cats in winter for achieving best flea control. For best results always apply Frontline Plus for cats after the cat is completely dry.

Tips for best fleas control

Following are some of the best tips to control fleas on cats. These include:

  • Always treat all cats in the household.
  • Regular vacuuming will help in removing eggs as well as stimulate fleas from emerging
  • Ensure Frontline Plus for cats is applied each month all through the year
  • Avoid untreated pets from entering the home environment
  • Wash beddings and pet blankets regularly in hot water regularly

You can buy Frontline Plus for cats and other cat fleas preventive online at discounted prices from Generic Frontline Plus.

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