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They say that dogs have masters, and cats have staff! While all cat owners know that cats are more complex and loving than that, the quotation certainly illustrates how difficult it can be to get a cat to change its behaviour. When re-training dogs, you have the added advantage of the animal's emotional attachment to you … it wants to please you! However, cats are far more independent. Partner this quirk of the personality of the species with the fact that food is an essential ingredient in the survival recipe AND the fact that cats are quite capable of finding their own food, thank you very much, and we get a lot of fat kitties. Today we check out 7 helpful pet products and vet supplies that can help slim down our feline friends.

1. Breed-Specific Weight Range Calculator
These specialist vet supplies are used to determine the ideal weight range for your particular breed of cat. Once you've got a goal, you can start working towards it!

2. Diet Food Products
At its most basic, the weight loss equation has two elements – calories in, and calories out. Specialist diet cat foods available from vet supplies and online pet stores help with the 'calories in' side of the equation. However, they also help with the metabolic quirks that can develop with food-restricted diets for cats – the tummy is full, so the body continues to burn energy!

3. Feeding Dispensers
These advanced pet products can help with portion control and feeding timing for your cat. Cats should be fed between two and four times a day. You should set your feeding dispenser to gradually reduce the amount of food in each portion.

4. Plastic containers
Sealable plastic containers are an unusual item to think of as a weight loss pet product, and they don't feature in online pet stores, but they could be a major element in the weight loss formula. Cats are not designed to digest carbohydrates, making kitty kibble a weight-inducing food for cats. Buy a large tin of food and separate it into portions using plastic containers for easy feeding, to help make feeding the 'right' foods easier.

5. Mousetraps!
A cat's full meal is about the same weight as a small mouse. If you live in an area prone to mouse infestation, it's possible that your cat is overweight from catching and eating too many mice. Considering that mice aren't always the healthiest thing to eat, and also considering that you can' restrict your cat's food on the assumption that she's been catching mice, you should take some steps to remove the additional food source yourself!

6. Collar Bells
If mice aren't the problem, but birds are, a collar with bells on it might save some of the local wildlife as well as helping to keep your cat's weight down.

7. Frozen Chicken Pieces
If you're attempting to train your cat using positive reinforcement, use frozen chicken pieces as a treat rather than the standard high fat, high carbohydrate pet products available in the supermarket. Or, choose a specialty vet supply from an online pet store.

Fat cats are not happy cats – do your pet a favour with these handy pet products for weight loss!

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