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There is a huge misconception when it comes to cats as a lot of people believe that they are vicious, sly and unfriendly creatures but in fact they are quite the opposite. Although independent at times, they can literally be described as purring furry balls of affection for the majority. Studies have shown that there are not only emotional benefits to keeping a cat there are health benefits too. These include calming and soothing benefits and the results are similar to the body's condition after a deep meditation session. Benefits for children also show higher self-esteem and improved social skills – this shows that not only are they a fantastic pet but are great for you also.

Cats are generally clean animals but if you are committing yourself to one of these feline friends then be sure to know this comes great responsibility. The essentials for a cat include the following:

  • Cat Food and Bowls
  • Litter Box
  • Cat Collar
  • Water

Cat Food and Bowls

Cats need a specific diet in order to remain happy and healthy and please note that it is extremely unhealthy to supply your cat with a vegetarian diet. In order to make sure that your cat does not gradually become ill you will need to supply them with a diet which includes a lot of meat. Also give your cat certain other vitamins and minerals and give them the odd treat to keep them content as it would be really beneficial to their health. Also provide your cat for a bowl for their dry food and one for their meaty food and clean it out once a day.

Litter Box

If you choose to keep your cat indoors then make sure you provide them with a litter box and keep it well away from their food – this could make them refuse to eat. Train your cat from as young as a kitten by putting them in the litter box and as they get a little older they will go naturally. An easy way to clean the litter box is to use scoopable litter and scoop twice a day and thoroughly clean the box once a week to prevent germs and unwanted odours.

Cat Collar

It is extremely important that you use a cat collar if you are planning to let your cat outside as they are prone to getting lost during their first few journeys – or later on if they take their adventure too far. A flea collar is beneficial. You should make sure that your name, address and phone number is clear on the collar so they can make their way home safely. If you are not planning on letting out your cat, exercise and keeping them entertained is an important factor.


Providing your cat with fresh drinking water at all times is imperative as they can potentially become seriously ill after just a couple of hours without. Be sure to give them a bowl to drink the water out of and DO NOT use milk as a substitute for water as the myths are not true.

If you take the time to spend quality moments with you cat it will reward you with a fantastic friendship for life. As they are independent animals they do need some time alone just like us humans and if you are out of the house provide some toys to play with to keep them active.

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