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If you own a cat you will know what a rewarding experience it can be. This article focuses on how you can keep your cat healthy and content on a daily basis. You might find it is easier to do than you may think.

How happy is your cat? Chances are you won't need to think too hard to find out the answer. Lots of purring normally tells you your cat is content and happy. If he rolls on his back for a tummy tickle, this is also a good sign – he trusts you and is happy in your company.

Of course life with a cat as a pet is about far more than just tummy tickles. It is important to know how to keep him happy and content on a regular basis. One important part of this process is to keep an eye on him to watch for any unusual behaviour. If a cat is poorly it is difficult to tell what is wrong. After all, he can't tell you. If he suddenly stops eating his Purina foodsfor example, you know there is a reason for it. He could have a bad tooth. It might be a simple stomach upset that will clear in no time and he'll be back to his pro plan cat food again. However it is a good idea to watch for anything out of the ordinary like this, so you can get advice from your vet as soon as possible.

Another point worth thinking about is making sure your cat isn't bored. This is less likely to happen during better weather if your cat is able to go outdoors. He can spend all day running around to burn off energy, chasing after flies and enjoying the fresh air. You'll probably find he comes in to eat his Purina food in the evening before falling asleep for the rest of the night!

However if he isn't an outdoor cat you might run into problems in this case. There are times when he might end up bored and wanting to play, so it is important to have some toys around he will enjoy. Buy good quality toys so they don't hurt him in any way, and make sure you check them frequently for damage. Some of these toys are designed to make it more of a challenge to eat treats or pro plan cat foods, to slow him down when he eats. These are good fun but you should supervise him when he is playing.

Of course nothing beats playing with his owner. He will love stalking and chasing things, so try and buy a toy that has this in mind. A mouse on the end of a piece of string is a popular toy, especially if it has catnip in it. This is a great way to have some quality time with your cat, because you can both enjoy the process of playing together. Be sure you are quick though, otherwise he might pounce on you!

Nothing beats the experience of owning a cat. Part of the responsibility is to ensure he is always happy and as healthy as possible. Regular vet's visits are a good idea, but there is a lot you can do on a daily basis to help as well.

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