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Helps make home more hygienic from pet hairs (great multipack),

If ever there has been a simple solution to a daily problem, this is it. I usually stand with a wet cloth every morning to remove the cat hairs that have collected on my hubbies coat but not anymore. I am so happy to have these and they work like a charm. It is a little alarming the amount of cat hairs that manage to get on the carpets, furniture and our clothing. Even with wiping, dusting and vacuuming they still land up on things.

These lint removers are perfect for lint, dust, hairs (both human and animal) and generally get pieces of fluff and even crumbs removed from everywhere.

While testing these out I tried them on the carpet that I just vacuumed and it lifted up some cat hairs. It is perfect for using inside rucksacks and even shoes. There is a generous amount of tape on each holder and it works like a charm. You just peel of the corner and then the sticky bit is visable. You just run it along the area you want to “catch” hairs and it sticks to the surface. You can then peel off those dirty pieces, through them away and the fresh sticky part is revealed again. Just repeat until you have achieved what you want. The handle is easy to grip and is made of plastic. The roll resembles a toilet roll and it fits onto the handle. It has 54 layers (I didn't count but it seemed to last for ages).

I received 2 rolls on handles and 4 refills. I am keen to try them out on the car as these would be a great way of cleaning the car seats and boot.

I have used them under the cushion seats in the lounge and they were very effective there too. It is best to make sure you clean the area with a brush to the best of your ability first then go over it with the roller afterwards to collect the hairs.

Although I used to use sticky lint rollers all the time years ago, I somehow over the years seem to have forgotten about them and their usefulness. I am pleased that the seller kindly offered them to me to review, they are one of those things you wondered how you have done without them but I know now I will be using them all the time.

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