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A kitten comes into your home and your life is about to change forever. Looking after a kitten in the first few days can be a daunting task but filled with lots of laughter. You will find that you watch your kitten playing and running around instead of your favourite television programme. There are only three golden rules to abide by to keep your cat happy throughout his or her life:

* First you need to take her to the local veterinary surgeon for a general medical check up and her vaccinations every year.

* Secondly, you need to make sure she has a cat bed and a litter tray inside and outside your home.

* The third golden rule is to make sure the pet diet that you feed your kitten is well balanced.

Taking the time to ensure she has a high standard of cat nutrition will help in keeping her in good health. The cat family, large and small, are carnivores and they love to eat meat although in their natural habitat they are able to feed themselves. Cat nutrition in the wild is easy as a cat will eat the meat first, followed by bones and other organs to keep their pet diet in good order.

Selecting quality cat nutrition is easy as it is similar to the good nutrition that is recommended for humans. Good protein, low fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and a little salt is required from food ingredients for your pet. Diet and portion size is the main consideration when your kitten grows into an adult cat. A kitten will need two or three small amounts of pet food with plenty of water every day until she reaches adulthood. Adult cats do not require as much food as a kitten. At Hills Pet Weight Management we have cat food that is balanced for a healthy life.

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