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When kitties become sexually mature? The heat cycle of cats is the first and foremost sign of their maturity. The heat cycle leads to cat pregnancy and it is first stage of cat breeding. The signs of cat heat cycle are very clear and every one who has kept a female kitty must have known about the heat cycle signs and symptoms. This cycle appears as early as five months of cat's age and as late as eight months. This highly depends on the physical development of the feline. Another factor that leads to early appearance of this cycle is company of male cat in surroundings. When Tomcat leave their scent around, the homonal activity of females starts working fast.

It could also be said that female cats who happen to stay with males would more likely to get into immature pregnancy. In certain cases, it is not possible to keep the male and female cats separate. Therefore, both engage into physical breeding process (Read that here: that leads to conception.

The problems that appear in immature pregnancy includes miscarriage, slow growth of litter, stillborn kittens, early labor, delay in labor and any poisoning if the cat is unable to deliver the kittens even after several days labor.

The biggest risk involved in early pregnancy is malnourishment and smaller body of female kitty. The body is not ready to carry the kittens and hence it leads to miscarriage. Similarly, young ones are highly active and would not like to rest as much as neccessary during pregnancy time. This would also lead to problems if cat is jumping high walls and engaging into fights with other cats.

Immature pregnancy could be avoided if the pet's owner is aware that it is willing to mate and reproduce. It is also possible that during a heat period, cat mates with more than one tomcat around her. The kittens born as a result of this would be fathered by more than one tom. There are also possibilities of any hereditary defects or physical damages. All these problems could appear in a pregnancy of a mature felines as well. But when it comes to the pregnancy of felines under one year of age, these problems are likely to occur more.

Domesticated cats could be controlled and unwanted pregnancy could be stopped. It all depends if the cat's human is capable of handling the situation in a responsible manner or not.

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