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First, a domestic cat is very intelligent and fiercely independent creature. There can never be on a leash the dog track. They wondered what they want, such as food and play. And they will also reveal when they want to be left alone. Thus, the owner of a cat cannot expect their pet to do “work” for him.

Different type breeds of cats have different personalities. Some cats are quiet while others meowing all the time. Can you tolerate a cat meow almost every hour? Some cats are fussy and selective on the food you give them, while others eat almost anything. Can you afford the type of food your cat prefers? Some cats are not pet and being surrounded by strange people, while others exercise their claws if they are faced with someone they have not met before. Does your home or too many foreigners, are you alone most of the time? And some cats love to climb and buckle on the lap of their masters. But others prefer to be alone, watching television or listening to the radio. Are you the owner of a cat who loves to caress all the time?

You will know when your cat is trying to attract your attention. It is always you, or meow, you follow him around his body or rubbing against your leg. You can also find out if your cat is comfortable or scared by the lifting of your cat. If the body is tense, then something is scaring the daylights out of it.

Personality and breed of cats will determine if the cat decides to sleep. Some, like being in isolated places where nobody can disturb. They like to lie in the cupboards and similar places. Other breeds of cats like to sleep in places where everyone converges. So they sleep in the center of the home, in the middle of the stairs and even on the couch, especially when there are guests.

Claws of cats very sharp. It is their nature, similar to wild cats such as lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs. This May irritate the owner, especially if the cat decided to sharpen its claws on the couch. May consider the owner to give the spade a scratching post.

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