More Cat Care Information:

1. A cat will be able to locate its route for reaching home if you rubbed its claws with some butter.

People often think that this is an easy way to get their cat home, especially on shifting to a new house but this is not true. A better way that ensures for the cat to reach home is:

Keeping the cat confined to new home, allowing it to realize that the new place is its home and secure. The best option is to incorporate a microchip in cat's body so that even if it gets lost, you can most often locate its position. However, it is important to modify the information of changed address on the chip.

2. It is good to offer a bowl of milk to your cat.

Though most cats apparently relish a bowl of milk, many cats are unable to tolerate lactose contained in milk. Lactose upset their stomach leading to diarrhea which is not healthy in any case. You can get special varieties of milk for such cats.

3. A feminine cat should deliver kittens before getting prayed.

Cats are not eager to get pregnant. There isn't any medical reason for cats to deliver kittens before getting sprayed. In fact, it is realized that cats on getting sprayed prior to their first heat remain healthier.

4. A cat has nine lives.

It may disappoint many but unfortunately, this is again untrue. It is believed that the myth was initiated because of a book authored by William Baldwin in 1553, wherein he noted down that a witch is allowed to seize body of her cat nine times.

5. The average life of a cat, whether indoors or outdoors, varies from one to three years.

Though no formal studies have been conducted to establish the age of cats, the Internet often suggests that figure, prompting people to keep their cats indoor for extending the life of their pet. It is interesting to know that a cat owner in the UK possesses five cats, all more than ten years in age and they have continued to enjoy remaining outdoors.

6. On getting pregnant, a woman should not be living with a cat.

Toxoplasmosis, which spreads through cats' feces, is the main reason cited for keeping pregnant women away from cats. You can certainly eliminate that risk by asking somebody else to remove litter tray and clean the same. It is always recommended to use gloves for doing gardening and wash and clean your hand prior to eating food.

7. You can prevent the cat from catching mice and birds on attaching some bells in it collar.

It is not difficult to guess the reasoning, as the prey would know of an approaching cat on hearing the bells. Latest research demonstrates that it might act the other way around too, meaning the cat become smarter and learns to attack its prey stealthily without causing the bell to ring.

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