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While the challenges of flea control are widely publicized when it comes to dogs, the problem the family cat has with fleas is just as prevalent. In fact, often cats are the bigger challenge when it comes to fleas because they are so challenging to treat for fleas and to prevent fleas. The cat owner must carefully weigh the options available and consider what would work best with the cat's nature and the cat owner's patience level. Often, once all the options are weighed, the pet owner selects Frontline Plus cats.

In the past, the one method that seemed easiest to use was the medicated flea collar. If the cat owner could get the flea collar on the cat and convince the cat to keep it on, it would work…somewhat. The farther from the medicine the flea would land on the cat, the smaller the likelihood that it would be deterred from hiking a ride back to into the home and begin the infestation. With Frontline Plus cats, there was nothing to tighten around the cat's neck, but instead the tube of medicine is deposited on the back of the neck near the shoulder blades. That's all the effort exerted for up to three months of flea control. The natural oils in the cat's skin would take care of the rest.

The flea bath was another option that created many challenges for the cat owner. Few cats can tolerate water in anything other than the water bowl. So while there was a chance that both the owner and the cat would be wet when the flea bath was completed, the likelihood was even greater that the cat would be wet and the owner would be bleeding and wet by the time the treatment was completed. Flea prevention shouldn't be a battle of wills. With Frontline Plus cats, the cat needs only to be immobilized or distracted for a few moments for the treatment to be administered.

Frontline Plus cats kills adult fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs. In addition, it also prevents another nasty parasite: ticks.

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