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Your dog would most likely eat anything, but that certainly doesn't mean that they are invulnerable, and it's very important that you make sure they get everything they need through their diet – and if necessary through supplementation. Sasha's Blend is a long term health treatment that is designed to be safe for dogs to take long term with no ill effects. This way you can add it to your dog's diet and so prevent them from developing various joint difficulties – but because it is not a 'medication' as such you won't need to worry about things like side effects and overdoses.

Dogs lead a simple lifestyle of burying bones and chasing after cats, but for them to be truly happy the one thing they need is their mobility. Dogs love to run around and play, to chase and to fetch, and without those things they are generally not the same characters that we know. This is why bone and joint health are so important to dogs – as without them your canine companions wouldn't be able to do all those things and they would be left having to walk around and sleep all day.

By using Sasha's blend you can prevent a range of joint related problems. However it is also a good idea to make sure that you generally protect your dog's health and particularly their joint health in other ways as well. One way to do this is through their diet – make sure that you give them plenty of essential oils to help lubricate their joints, lots of calcium to strengthen their bones, generally as many nutrients as possible through a balanced and complete diet.

Another thing to remember is that you should avoid letting your dog become overweight. If they should, then this will mean more weight on their joints and so more impact which will place stress on them over time. Keep your dog's diet as light as possible to avoid unwanted weight gain, and avoid things like fatty foods.

You should also for this reason ensure that your dog gets lots of exercise. This will ensure that they are both happy and health – by encouraging the joints to remain lubricated and moveable, and by keeping their weight down so they don't become slow and sluggish.

To use these methods in combination with Sasha's Blend make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. The amount you give your dog will depend on their size and weight – for instance a dog that is 10kg or below will have just half a teaspoon, while those 11-20kg will have o one. This is if you use Sasha's blend as a powder to sprinkle on the food – if you would rather use a tablet form then you can also get these and these will ensure that your dog gets all of the nutrients out of the capsule each time. Many people however find that it is easier to get a dog to eat powder than it is to get them to swallow a tablet.

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