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The exotic Indian land is known for its diverse variety of wildlife. Some of the most unique categories of Flora and Fauna can be found across the country. Blessed with such beautiful living creatures in our Planet, it becomes our duty and responsibility to protect their habitat and conserve their lives. Wildlife conservation in India is a major issue of concern. Needless to say, the sustenance of Human life is dependent on proper nourishment and well being of the wildlife. It's a vicious natural cycle that has been on since time immemorial.

The beautiful Tiger is one endangered animal, the loss of which would not only disturb the food chain but will also make us devoid of such a wonderful endowment by Mother Nature. Maintaining the ecological balance, Tigers are an important part of the ecosystem. Tiger Conservation in India is given much consideration and acknowledgment by both the government and the masses. This is a known fact that a healthy Tiger population is representative of the holistic well being of the forest. Thanks to this carnivorous animal, it helps in keeping a regular check on the number of herbivores in the wild. However, human interference and loss of suitable habitat are making the species endangered. Hence, various initiatives are being taken towards Tiger conservation in India. Project Tiger is a dedicated effort towards protecting the natural tiger habitat and preserving areas of biological importance. This project has protected many habitats since 1973 and still continues to do so.

The beautiful Big Cat is facing the danger of extinction. The population of tigers in India has reduced significantly over the past decade. Along with several efforts by the government to protect and conserve this endangered species, it is also the responsibility of us humans to give them an appropriate habitat and a healthy environment to live in. There is an urgent to completely eradicate the illegal poaching of tiger skin and hunting for tiger meat. Such inhuman practices have lead to a drastic decrease in the number of tigers alive in India. Thanks to the aggressive conservation laws in the country, the numbers are now improving. In acknowledgement to the importance of the most popular animal of people, Tiger conservation in India is booming at a rapid pace and the efforts towards preserving its habitat are gaining significance.

The Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lion Conservation initiatives are focused to protect their surroundings and encourage preservation of their habitat as these species add to the beauty and diversity of an exotic county like India.

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