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Regardless of how much you adore your pet, if you are a cat owner and find it constantly scratching at your furniture and scraping your carpets, you are likely to find this irritating to say the very least. You may be a great pet keeper and an extremely forgiving master; however, nobody likes having their home trashed, no matter how much they admire their pets.

To cats, using their claws to scratch furniture and carpets may be a natural, primitive urge, but to their owners, it means a deep hole in the pocket. While some owners resort to declawing their feline pals in order to avoid this destruction, you may also solve this galling issue by retraining the pets. The secret is to change the place where your cat sharpens her claws by introducing her to cat scratcher post.

Cat scratchers come in large variety of materials and designs to hold your cat's attention and meet its preferences. If your couch corners and other padded furniture are experiencing the effect of the attack, you may consider substitutes that are wrapped in sisal rope, a natural fiber that releases a cat-pleasing scent when scratched. Apart from this, if the cat is fixated on your wooden doors and table legs, it is suggested to use a scratcher post that is made out of unsealed aromatic cedar wood.

The best way to fix your cat's behavior and save furniture at the same time is to match their current fixation. As for the design, you might have to have experiment a bit in order to find the ones liked by your cat; however, the most popular and classic design is cat scratcher post. As the name implies, these posts are either enfolded or attached to the base of wooden posts where cat can stand as scratch away their compulsion. For a growing cat that is excited enough to perch up and see the world, a pedestal post can be a great idea.

Further to the aforementioned, wave-shaped cat scratcher and rope-wrapped paper built are other major options that can be considered for your dear pet. No matter what option you choose to protect your furniture, your pet will have a fun time scratching it, which makes buying cat scratcher a win-win option for both you as well as your loving pet.

Thanks to the advancement of the internet; you can find a large number of reasonably priced options without running from one local store to another, investing countless hours. Along with scratcher post, leading online pet stores offer all kinds of other pet supplies such as pet bike trailers, dog leashes etc. at cost-effective prices.

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