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Cat lovers come in many different shapes and sizes. There will be times, unexpectedly, you find out someone you know is a cat lover. Maybe he or she didn't seem like the kind of person to have cats. Or you had an image in your head of what a stereotypical cat lover looks like.

One thing all cat lovers have in common is that they are also animal lovers. They seem have a soft spot in their heart for furry friends, and shows deep compassion for other animals and other living things. They also feel a connection with their pets, expressing the belief that they can sense what it is feeling.

Some owners form a kind of companionship with their pets, especially if they are single or unmarried. It's common for individuals to get a kitten, raise it, become very attached to it's companionship, almost as if it is their partner. However, this isn't exclusive to cat owners, many people form this strong bond with their pets.

People who tend to favor cats over dogs often cite the ease of care for their feline friends. They don't have to take them out every few hours for a bathroom break. They can leave on a trip for a few days and it will be just fine when they return. This is providing they leave enough food and water for the duration of their trip.

Cats are less needy than dogs. They are independent, and sometimes aloof. Cat lovers find these traits endearing, appreciating their cat's dismissive attitude. They also cite cats cleanliness as an added benefit. Most cats take care of their own fur, and aside from the heavy shedders, owners have little responsibility in that department.

Cat lovers, it seems, truly appreciate the companionship, ease, and humor they receive from owning a cat. So it seems when buying a gift, that cat lovers are people whom should be given special

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