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If you have a feline companion then it's your responsibility to protect them from fleas. Fleas are known for itching, and for that reason you might well be forgiven for thinking that they are just something of an irritation for your pet. However it's important to recognize that they are more than a mere irritation and can actually cause a lot more serious health problems for your kitty cat. First of all fleas can damage your cat's immune system meaning that they are more likely to be generally run down and more likely to suffer from various illnesses and diseases. This can then result in something severe, or it can just result in your cat acting depressed and low in energy. By treating the fleas you can generally improve their health. As your cat itches they can also break their skin, lose hair and generally irritate themselves to the point that they are likely to get an infection.

At the same time it's important to recognize that fleas can end up spreading so that they don't only affect your cat. It is possible for humans to get fleas and if you have young children around etc then it's your responsibility to protect them from fleas and other similar problems.

To this end it's very worthwhile investing in the leasing cat flea prevention brands. Recognize that prevention is always better than cure, and by using these products you can help give your cat the defences they need to fend off fleas.

Normally to use these products all you need to do is to either apply some of the product to the back of your cat's neck, or to give them a small pill that they can take with their food. Encourage your cat to eat the tablets by just slipping them into their food, and be sure to look into the dosage your cat needs based on their weight and their age – getting this wrong can leave them feeling dopy and have other unwanted side effects.

The best cat flea prevention products will be the ones that are the fastest acting and the most thorough, and it's important that they don't only kill the fleas but also get rid of any eggs that might otherwise re-infest your cat. Read reviews online to find out which the best products are, and consult with your vet who can point you in the right direction. You should also be careful to monitor your cat once they have begun the medication. You are likely to find that different products are better for different cats, and you may find yours has an allergy t some brands.

As well as using the best products there are other steps you can take to prevent and kill fleas. For one you should make sure to give your cat a nutritious and complete diet with all of the minerals and vitamins included. This way you can keep your cat's immune system up to help them defend against the fleas and often fleas are a result of a malnourished cat. You should also be sure to vacuum your cat's bed and the carpets around your home – as fleas can survive in the carpet fibers.

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