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One of the excellent ways to satisfy your cat's curiosity and keep in shape is to make her use a tree. Since there are many such trees offered in the marketplace, you should spend enough time in knowing few things before purchasing one for your beloved pet. Many pets need enough amount of stimulation so as to prevent them from getting bored, and trees are definitely one among best furniture that will keep your active through the day. But before making decision which is best for your feline friend you should consider some things.

Safety Matters a Lot!

It should be the very first thing that you need to consider, when shopping for a tree. Not only should you provide safety for your cat, but also for you or anyone who comes close to that tree. owner should know what their cats can do, and if there are risky areas in your home, the pets are going to explore it for sure.

The manufacturer is responsible for making a well-constructed tree, but the owners are equally responsible for making good judgment in terms of selection. Ensure that the design of the does not compromise on safety. Some of them could be made of cheap materials and could collapse under the weight of your pet. You may also want to buy a tree, which will not trip over when your takes a flying leap, lands on side or top of the tree. The lighter and smaller trees are not the best option if you have big or heavy cats at home. Check the stability of the before making the purchase. Some of the manufacturers use toxic chemicals, glues, and dyes in the making process, and it is strictly not recommended to go for such ones.


Ensure that the kitty you intend to buy is accessible to your or kitty. Cats should be able to climb the in all kinds of situations. You pets many be overweight, old, have health problems, or declawed. If you've bigger cats, take trees that can accommodate properly. The cats should be able to get down or up the very easily.


Some of the trees at local stores are made with cheap materials, so stability should always be checked. Many use cardboard as the main support, which is not that safe, especially when the is climbing the tree.

Don't Overlook the Visual Appeal

The not only should appeal to your pet, but it should also be great addition to your home decors. If you've spent $2000 on a new sofa or furniture, you wouldn't of course want to see ugly placed in the middle of living room. So, make it a point to pick something that complements your furniture, design, and style of the room.


It is not about buying some cheap or expensive kitty tree, but purchasing something that offers great value for money. Have some budget in your mind and buy a that will satisfy both you and your cat.

Keeping all these things in mind, now you can choose a secure, well-balanced, and stable tree, and keep your pets happy.

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