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“Once a kitty lover is always a kitty lover”. Our love for the furry friend does not fade away with time. It remains there irrespective of time and age. So, why should cat fashion trends be confined to any particular age? Every cat lover likes getting dressed up in cat theme, specially cat themed purses are very much in. A lot feline stylish purses are available online these days. Right from a child to working professional, everyone can find a purse for themselves. These purses are not only stylish and trendy, but are even comfortable to carry and can hold belongings safely.

1.Working ladies

There are feline purses available at Meowingtons that can even be used at professional front. These purses are designed in such a way that it can give you the feline looks without looking odd. These purses are so elegantly designed that using them in office will not at all look unprofessional. The black Bombay as well as Chloe cat purses are stylish and very elegant purses that goes perfectly with your professional looks.

2.College going girls

Tokyo cat handbags available at Meowingtons is one of the best choices for all college going kitty lovers. This furry kitty handbags are not only well designed and stylish, but also very spacious. One can even keep their laptops in it, leave aside books. Featuring bright bulging eyes of kitty, these bags are one of a kind.


Cat themed Tote bags are specially designed for teenagers. These bags with feline prints can simply help you make a bold fashion statement at parties and outings. These trendy bags are spacious, good looking and perfect for teenager. The cute kitty printed on the bag will help your style stand out in friend circle.


Kitty coin purses to hold the coins, featuring the cute face kitties are just to adorable. The innocent faces of kitties will add to the innocence of your child. Let your child learn how to take care of the money on their own. However, the cat coin purses can even be used by elders. It can fit in any purse or clutch and solves the problem of keeping the coins for ladies.

Along with all these purses, there is a Glam cat makeup bag, that can be used by everyone and serves the purpose of carrying the makeup kit. These purses are large enough to hold all your makeup related belonging, yet it can be easily placed into any purse. This is one purse that can be used by cat lovers of all age group. The beautiful eye lashes of feline makes this makeup bag one of it's kind.

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