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It is truly essential for pet owners to register their dogs and cats. There is no charge involved in the process. Now you may think will it make a difference if your pet is registered or not? The answer would certainly depend on the basic purpose of the purpose for the registration. Our pets give us immeasurable enjoyment.

Pet registration is important for the benefit of the owner. Now you may ask why there is a need to register your pet. When you register your pet, you are in fact raising the value of your pet as owners of registered pets. It's a fact that our pets are a valuable part of our life. If registered, the pet and you, as the owner will be permanently recorded in the breed's history. Only registered pets can participate in competitions and events.

What is a microchip and how is it implanted into a cat?

A microchip is a circuit that is placed just under the skin of your pet for easy identification. This is a tiny chip, roughly like the size of a grain of rice. It is made from biocompatible materials, which means it is non-toxic. It is ensured that it will not cause an allergic reaction. The method for inserting the chip is as simple as a vaccination. The pet is not placed under anaesthesia, nor do they necessitate any recovery time. An experienced veterinarian places the chip in a hypodermic needle and injects it just under the skin. It is generally placed between the shoulder blades. The chip gets adjusted within 24 hours and this prevents the chip from moving around. Once the chip is in place, it does not wear-out or run out; as a result it should last during the life span of your pet.

Research has shown that the return rate of a micro- chipped cat returning to the shelter is 20 times higher than the comeback rate of a cat that enters with no identifying information. If you are looking for microchips for cats; it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of the device. This is a one-time cost however the rate varies.

You can conduct an internet survey and understand the usefulness, process and compare the rates. It is essential that you take your pet to a proficient veterinarian. It is really important to keep information accurate and up to date.

Just a small chip can ensure your peace of mind.

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