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Are you about to introduce a new cat into your family home? If you are it is a good idea to make sure you are prepared. This article will help ensure you are, and the introduction is a happy one for both you and your cat.

While many people consider getting a kitten, other people give a home to a cat. This could be a stray cat or an abandoned cat that is looking for a new home. If you find yourself with an opportunity to adopt a cat you would do well to ensure you are prepared to welcome them into your home.

The first thing to remember is that the cat may have had bad experiences with other owners prior to coming to you. Don't expect too much from the cat to begin with, but let it know it has a home and that it doesn't need to feel scared.

Oftentimes it is best to bring the cat into your home in a carrier and just to open the door and let it come out in its own time. It can also be a good idea to restrict its movements to just one or two rooms initially. He will soon want to come out and explore, but giving him the run of the house might be too much to cope with to begin with.

Make sure you are prepared in other ways as well. For example you should buy some cat bowls for water and food, and invest in good quality food such as Purina cat food too. Purina en cat food is well balanced and will ensure your new addition is on a good diet from the beginning of his life with you.

Some cats will be very brave and affectionate right from the word go. He might creep out of his cat carrier, explore the room he is in and then hop on your lap and go to sleep until you get up to feed him some Purina cat food. This is a good sign and it means he is settling into his new surroundings. Don't worry if it doesn't happen straightaway though; it could take a while for him to settle down and trust you. This is especially the case if he has come from a bad home and distrusts humans.

The good news is he will likely respond to your good treatment of him over time. Cats are very independent but they will be happy in homes where they feel safe and loved. With Purina en cat foodat mealtimes, toys to play with and a garden to explore, your cat will be happy to settle into your home for a long time to come.

All cats have their own unique characters, and while some are quiet and relaxed, others are nosy and incredibly affectionate. Your cat will have his own little character that will start to become known over time. Get to know him as he gets to know you, and your relationship will develop in ways you may not have expected. Perhaps he will come and tell you when he is hungry, or when he wants attention. Perhaps he will always want to sleep on your lap. It's true in the end that cats own us, rather than the other way around!

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