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Ever wonder where to find the best attention and services for your pet then no need to worry because Torquay is here to help you with whatever you need. Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery is not a public but a family entity. These couple Diana, who is a qualified Veterinary Nurse together with Denis, who is a highly experienced Veterinarian, is always available to offer you their help.

Although if some of their loved boarders have any veterinary issues, or else happen to fall sick whereas staying with them, they will instantly call on the vets from Torquay Animal House to give advice and take care of them. Fiona has been working at the cattery for not less than eight years furthermore she is extremely knowledgeable in cases where taking care of pets is a concern.

Besides, whenever they travel, there is no problem since the cattery is so fortunate to have nurses from Torquay Animal House, who will come and carry out duties as usual. That is to say even in their absence don't be afraid to take your cat there as they will be well attended too as if they were present. The main interesting thing here is the fact that this nurses create an excellent relationship with your cats which will cause the owner to be triumphal this is if you consistently take your cat their regularly that it will get used to one place. Surprisingly even the so called stubborn cats will eventually adapt and nurses don't find it hard dealing with them as they are experts.


Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery was started in the year 2002 although this cattery happened to be the first registered cattery within the surf coast shire then. In addition to that, the cattery is built on their land alongside Grossman's Road and they are on site. As a result, security is up to date no cause for alarm. Another important thing is the fact that they have put up a surveillance system to make sure that your pets are secure with security cameras installed to monitor off sites as well.

This Ryan family has cared and loved animals for several dedicated and they will always find pleasure in taking care of your cats both day and night they will be there to take care of them. Not forgetting the most delicious food that will be fate with a long with having a date with the workers just for the usual exercise.

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