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Cats are very charming and beautiful pets. If you own a cat, you will have a cuddle buddy who lots of time will annoy you throughout the day. Their lively character makes them even more wonderful than other pets. During summer days, it is very important to keep your cats out of the way of harm.

In this article, I have explained some safety tips of your cat during the summer season.

Give water to cats regularly

This is what that many cat owners forget that cats can not take care of this themselves. It is up to you to provide them with constant access to water. Do not leave your cat without water for even a short time period because it is dangerous. So, be sure to always have an ample drinking water available and refresh it daily.

Keep their hairs short

Another tip you can take to increase the safety of your cat is to clip their hairs if the hairs of your cats are long. This might look funny, but lots of breeds require summer haircuts and it will definitely increase the ability of your cat to stay cool in the hot weather.

Stay in the shade

During the very hot days of the summer season, the temperature difference between the areas in the shade and in the sun can be up to fifteen degrees. This is a substantial difference, so you should make sure that your cat has access to a lot of shade if possible.

Never leave cats in a car

Some people tend to leave their cat in their car as they run off to finish some work. But sometimes that fast errand commonly takes more time as compared to expected and leaving the cat in the car can have deadly consequences as the heat can rise to a high temperature quickly in an enclosed vehicle. The Catnip Times provides such types of incidents or information about cats in the news.

Do not overdo the exercise

Sometimes cats wish to play or exercise so much that they do not realize they are overheating. Be sure to limit the time of your cats outside and let them in for water and rest when the weather is hot. It is wise to leave a fresh bowl of water outside too so your cats can get a drink whenever they want it.

Make sure they can be identified

In the summer season, as you and the members of your family open the doors and move around mostly, then, there is a chance of your cat to slip out unnoticed. If that happens, it is essential for the safety of your cat to equip them with some identity tags or microchips so that they can be identified and came back home safely.

Look for symptoms of heat exhaustion

Symptoms of overheating that you can look out for consist of increased pulse, heavy panting, and unsteadiness. If you notice these symptoms, it is important for the safety of your cat that you help them instantly and contact your vet. A better way of action is to bring them inside to a cool place and provide fresh water.

These are the some cat safety tips that you should always keep in mind during the summer season so that your cat always remain safe. If you have any doubt regarding the health of your cat, then immediately call a veterinarian. They will provide you the best assistance for any situation that includes the safety of your cat.For More Detail Visit

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