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Often cats stop using the cat litter box- it might be a great problem for a cat owner! This is truly frustrating for both pets and its parent. Actually, there are many reasons why a kitten stops using the litter box for an unlimited time. If your kitty is also doing the same thing, it is very important to figure out the true cause and help him to do its business normally in the box. Wrong elimination should not be a deal-breaker when it comes to whether kitty gets to stay in your family.

While some reasons for litter tray aversion, there are some simple mistakes owners also make when choosing the container. If your kitty is experiencing a problem, it is your liability to take care of it properly.

Given below are some simple reasons for not using the litter box:

Dirty Cat Litter Box:

Pet cats are like human beings. They are very choosy and want to live in a clean place. They are very clean animals and if the container is too dirty they will seek another option to do its business. If you love your kitten, it is your duty to scoop the waster every day. You can wash it on quarterly. If you are not using scoop able container then you can wash the container on a weekly basis.

Covered Litter Box:

Often pet owners believe that a covered container is suitable for kittens. It maintains the privacy. However, this is not completely true. The truth is, a covered one is not user-friendly actually. It often makes your kitty feel confined. It keeps the odor into it that make your kitty feels sick. Covered area produces more odors and it doesn't get out the air, which is more harmful. At the same time, a covered container is more convenient for you to scoop on a daily basis.

Wrong Sized Box:

Sometimes, wrong sized container can create problems. If your pet is quite big and the litter box is too small for it, your pet stops using it. Don't choose a container that is based on where it conveniently will fit in a location. As well as you need to choose a proper size of container for it. The tray should be about one and half times the length of your pet.

Wrong location:

Proper location is very important when the question arises on doing its business. The site choice should be about convenience and security for the kitten and not about what is convenient for the parent. You should not put the container near the basement or in front of the toilet. Make sure to place the tray where the traffic is slow.

Use Strong Cleaners:

Sometimes, strong smelling household cleaners may leave enough of a strong scent on the plastic tray that it drives the kitty away. In this case, you can use strong cleaners with beautiful smell that helps your pet stay longer in cat litter.

Furthermore, if you own a cat it is your duty to keep it healthy, comfortable as well as secure. Before bringing it to your home, make sure all the above points should be maintained properly.

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