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When it comes to buying a pedigree cat, there can be quite a large upfront cost involved to get a good quality animal. How much you want to spend may depend on the reason for the purchase – are you looking for a pet to be a member of the family or are you planning to breed the cat? If it is the former, then the most expensive cats may not be right for you but for a breeding program, you want the best you can afford.

Siamese cats are a highly popular breed of cat and can also be quite expensive, depending on the breeder and the bloodline of the cat. But the upfront cost isn't the only thing to consider when pricing up a Siamese.

Buying price

It is possible to rehome a Siamese cat from a shelter or take in one from a breeder who hasn't been able to home it. This is likely to lowest cost way to get a Siamese but the background of a rehomed animal may not be known. If you plan to breed they will likely have been neutered or spayed so won't be any good for this purpose. But if you are looking for a pet, then giving a home to an abandoned animal is a great thing to do.

If you want to breed or show the cat, then you will need to contact a registered breeder to find good quality animals. There are a number of cat registries around the world that have breeder lists and this is the best way to find someone. Talk to a few to get an idea about cost and quality of the cat as the prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the background of the cat.

Additional costs

As with any animal, once you have bought it, there are other costs involved. There are the day-to-day costs of food, cat litter, toys and furniture and there are also the costs involved with regular and unexpected vet fees.

Siamese are known as a generally healthy breed of cat who don't face some of the genetic problems of breeds such as the Persian. Breeders have worked hard in recent decades to rid the Siamese of the more extremes of shape and form that had been popular at one time and this also reduces the risk of associated health problems. Kittens with problems of this nature will not be sold to people seeking to show or breed either.

One common problem facing Siamese are respiratory problems including infections such as calcivirus and feline rhinotracheitis. These are most common in young cats who have not yet had the injections to protect them from the illnesses.

Another problem can be overgrooming and associated skin and hair conditions such as alopecia. This is where the cat grooms itself bald due to stress or other behavioural problems and can have a knock-on effect including skin infections, hairball problems and other stomach issues.

In terms of vet fees, the Siamese are said to be the most expensive cat in the US with an average bill of $400. But this should be taken into account with the fact that they are the most popular and therefore numerous breed of cat in the country.

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