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Nowadays, all natural litters such as the corn or wheat varieties are great for good clumping. There is no question about that these are environmental friendly but most are lacking in the odor control department. However, if you choose one of these cat litter box and add a little baking soda to the mix, it will reduce the bad smell. At the same time, it will help to control the smell and your cat will enjoy the freshness.

If you choose one of the popular Odor organize methods, keep in mind to introduce your cat by adding the new litter into the old a litter at a time. Now many of this thing have a very strong scent to help mask the odor which is good for us. Yet, cat has a very strong nasal power which is sensitive and it might be a litter too strong. If your cat does not like the new product you will have a different problem on your hands.

Undeniably, kittens are very fussy animal while choosing the cat litter box. They like proper cleanliness. They will never use a cat litter box once they reject it. So try to keep it as clean as possible and try not to use a litter box with a very strong odor. Now product manufacturers made boxes which have made it easier for cat owners to keep the tray fresh and spot free. Some have small grates that to do the scooping for you.

Cat litter works by absorbing the feline's urine and covers to reduce the growth of bad odor and bacteria. The two main categories of kitty litter are clumping and non-clumping. Nowadays, there are all sorts of deodorizers and sprays which claim to eradicate litter smells but often thy just make the odor short term.

Other ways to Eliminate Kitty litter Odor:

1. You can place a small dish of Vinegar next to the box that will absorb the smell.

2. Add a box of baking soda to every tray of box and remove solids immediately.

3. You can use wood stove pellets for litter, your cat will love it

Furthermore, there are maximum Cat's best cat litter box odor comes not from the poop but from the pee that clings to the bottom and sides of the pan after you have scooped everything. Kitty come's in scented and non scented options. Now most of the cats do fine with an unscented, clumping, but some consumers prefer scented litter box as the best option.

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