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An owner of a kitten is in an ideal position to give their new feline companion a pet diet that will look after their health from a young age.

Pets are sometimes difficult to please with food – they want a pet diet that is balanced, healthy and above all tasty. A regular supply of quality cat nutrition will help your pet grow from a vulnerable kitten to a strong, healthy adult cat.

An adult cat will have strong bones and muscles, and you can see that a cat is in good health when you notice its bright eyes and a shiny coat.

It is paramount that a pet diet for a cat is full of the essential vitamins and quality meat products to keep him in good health, and held ward off illnesses. Cats require a high amount of protein in their diet. Not having enough will mean that a cat's body will break up the protein found in their own muscles.
Another vital element of cat nutrition is Taurine. It is an amino acid that is required to keep their bodily functions in good order. Quality cat food will have Taurine added to its ingredients.

Water is always being mentioned as an important factor in cat nutrition and plays an important part in any animal's pet diet. A kitten or a cat will not survive if they have no water; they lose water on a daily basis via their skin, breath and urination. It is therefore important that you keep you cat's bowl topped up at all times, and that you refresh it at least once per day.

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