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Once she went online she became an internet sensation, and now the Grumpy Cat called Tard has served as an inspiration to some incredible works of art.

Her grumpy face has appeared on numerous T-shirts, mugs, and it was memefied thousands of times. It even inspired some people to create pumpkin carvings and costumes for the recent “trick or treat” holiday, i.e., Halloween.

Before I go on with some genuine pieces of art inspired by Grumpy, I want to share some basic info about the grumpiest cat ever.

Tard's Road to Fame

Known as Tardar Sauce or Tard, the cat with the grumpiest face ever rose to the Internet fame after a photo of her was posted on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

According to, the scowl-faced kitty got upvoted more than 25,300 times on Reddit, and it was viewed more that million times on Imgur.

And eventually it got even her own video!

Is Tard Really Grumpy?

If you ask Tard's owner Tabatha, you will probably get a No, as an answer. According to her, that's just her face.

“Tardar has what looks kind of like an under bite. She looked unique, as did her brother, at birth, with a flat face, bubble eyes, and a short tail,” says Tabatha, adding:

“Tardar is not as coordinated as a normal cat, so she is likely a little angry about that. I think she likes to be held and petted some times, but being the pet of a 10 year old could make anyone grumpy.”

Grumpy's Family

Apart from living with Tabatha, Tard also shares the same roof with her mommy Callie, brother Pokey, three newborn kittens, a dog (brother) named Shaggy, a dog (sister) named Honey, a dog (grandmother) called Raven, and the most important family member, her 10 year old co-owner Chyrstal Bundesen. Ah, I hope I didn't leave out anyone!

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Hope you enjoyed in the grumpy inspired art above, and didn't get grumpy yourself! If you did, then I hope these cat gifs will cheer you up, since it's Monday and the week has just started!

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By Emilija Spirkoska

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