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Meow! Today I feel good. Dogs are the best friends of men, according to a study, so the cats have stopped being 'independent pet cool' to become the best friends of women.

The other day I was teaching a video in which a woman told why he thought he was single. It was a joke, but today I am telling you this is not: it is a study in the University of Vienna, and concluded that cats and women have a special bond, interact and understand each other

If a cat will do a favor (such as stroke when it comes to pampering ask), I returned. For example, when you want to cuddle by your side while watching TV. If that basically things are adorable!

Do you think your cat your best animal friend?

Cats and dogs healthy

It is very important to keep our pets healthy. To do this, we must take into account prevention, and go to the vet when something is as it should (when we notice a loss of appetite, lethargy and weight gain or drop by our furry).

Obviously, the first step in that animals are healthy is to have all vaccinations up to date . Both dogs and cats have their own schedule of vaccination, the veterinarian will let you know when you have to put each dose, and what vaccines are needed. Also, if you intend to have your female offspring sterile Izal to avoid diseases (as pyometra)

Good nutrition, the foundation of all

Once the pet has all the shots made, the next step to be fully healthy is a varied and balanced diet and fresh water. The amount of food that we give will depend on the size, breed and sex of the animal and its level of activity.

We must avoid the feeding of scraps or feed that is not specific for that type of pet. If you have no problem with obesity (in dogs ideal weight depends on the breed, cats, an adult male should weigh approximately 5 kg, but also depends on the breed), the ideal is to leave the bowl of food for access to food when you feel the need. Both cats and dogs must be controlled carbohydrate intake and provide the ideal dose of essential fats, vitamins and proteins. In cats, the protein intake should be high, like that of taurine.

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