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Cats make some of the best pets when you compare them to dogs or snakes or rats. They are easy to take care of and fairly independent. When you have a cat it can up to you to be sure that they are well taken care of and that there are no problems with them. Of course this isn't as easy as we would think it would be. You have to ensure they're up to date with the shots, they are consuming the correct food, and that you get them toys they'll actually want to play with.

Most owners are very aware that a lot of toys and treats that you pay money for for the cat are filled of a plant which is commonly called catnip. This is something that the animal will go absolutely crazy over and so they will do everything inside their power to get to it. Because it's placed inside most toys you will find that a lot of cats will play just to attempt to obtain at the smell that they are craving so bad.

Is this good for them though? It's funny to watch your feline pet go nuts over a toy or after they've consumed their 'special' treats. Yet, that is like giving yourself pot. This can invoke such a strong reaction from your cat that it could send them over the edge if they have a little too much.

In the end it could be best should you kept this from your cat. Read the labels of all the things which you pay money for and ensure which the catnip is nowhere to be seen. In its place find a way to make them play with the toy when you are the one attempting to throw it or if you are getting down and wiggling with them.

Catnip and your cat seriously isn't a mixture that you want to place together. It is better for your cat to not give them any of it. Every now and then they may have a reaction that will make them short-tempered and they may bite or scratch you or your kids. This is something you do not need to have to deal with.

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