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Other pets like dogs gel with their master very fast, but cats are reserved and takes a bit more time. Felines love their privacy and hence they don't create the bond that easily. You will have to make some effort and gradually develop that friendship and understanding.

Don't rush into anything, take your time and understand the behavior of the feline. Cats love their privacy, so give them the space they want. Give her the affection that she expects from you and take care of the following points, to make a strong bond with her.

1.Study the cat behavior

There are certain behaviors that come naturally to every cat. Research and study about it. Respect the natural instincts of kitties like aggression, hunting nature and find means to deal with it. Don't scold or punish them if they are being stubborn as it's not their fault. Discourage their bad behaviors slowly and gradually they will adapt to your rules and regulation. You will have to be patient with them as cats don't like being forced for anything.

2.Create a friendly connect

Create a connect with your feline, just like you do with your friends. Play with her, go out for a walk with her in the evening. Cats are just like kids. You can even tame them by buying gifts for them. You can get stuffed toys, scratching post or even cozy bed for them. They will gradually start liking you. Spend some quality time with your pet whenever you get time. Make her take a nap on your lap. Friendship is the first step of the unbreakable relationship between a pet and the master.

3.Behave like cats

At times, when you are sitting ideal, you can even spend your time by behaving like a cat. Play hide and seek with your kitty, catch the toy mice with her and she will love it. You can even get dresses in the cat costume. There are a lot of cat themed outfits available online. Draw cat nose, whiskers, attach a tail and you will amaze your kitty.

4.Understand the eye gestures

Cats speak a lot through their eyes. Try and read those gestures. They have a peculiar way of expressing their feeling. They do not wag their tail or lick like dogs do. You have to keep an eye on the behavior of your kitty to understand these expressions. Make your eye contact and show your love to her. Gentle pat on the head and at the back can do the magic for you. Teach them some basic trick and manners. The kitty will let you know if she does not like the flavor of the food or anything of that sort, through her eyes. Change the cat food instantly. The kitty will return your love, affection and care in the same manner.

Unlike dogs, cats have a reserve nature. They take time to understand the human nature. You will have to take the initiative to clear the cloud between you two. Give the introvert feline her time and you will get the friend for your life.

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