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Pets deserves a lot more love than you actually give them. On boring days, when you have got nothing to do, spend sometime with them. Showing your love is the best way to pamper your pets, specially kitties. There is nothing quite as fun as spoiling your feline. Every kitty needs love and affection. The proud feline loves being spoiled. The best way to do so is to surprise them with gifts. Here are few things that can make best gift for feline.

1. Catnip toys

Stuffed toys like mice and birds are the best option to impress your kitty. They can spend hours playing with them and won't disturb you while you are working. You can even get the laser light for her. Play hide and seek with her with these laser lights. She can spend hours chasing the red spot. You can even go for a scratching post or a ball of yarn. These are some of the favorite items of kitties and can keep them busy when you are not around.

2. Comfortable bed

Felines are basically lazy lads. They love sleeping comfortably and a bed can prove to be the best surprise. A cozy bed stuffed with old clothes and cotton can make the day of your kitty. It will be better if you keep the bed at a place near the window, for her to perch and observe nature, trees and birds.

3. Box to fit in

Kitty's love for the boxes is a well known fact. All the feline lovers are fed up of their habit on sitting on the laptop. You can get a bright colored, comfortable box for her and place it near your work area. The kitty won't disturb you if she finds a better looking place to sit in. The feeling of owing a place all by themselves is something that the kitties love.

4. Cat dress

There are a lot of cat dresses available online these days. These cat dresses are so cute that the kitty is gonna love it. Specially, you need to watch out for the cat apparel available at The bright color and cute designs of these dresses will surely add to the cuteness of the feline. Post the photo of your kitty all dressed up in these cat dresses on the social networking sites and make her the talk of the town.

5. Cat collar bow tie

Kitties don't like wearing collars, even though it's important. However, the one available at is irresistible both for you and your kitty. Pair them with the cat dress and make sure your feline have a good time flaunting her style.

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