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Sometimes, because we treat our cats like members of our families, we tend to forget that it has different needs especially when it comes to nutrition. We give it food that we like without realizing that what humans find good and nutritious may be toxic to our feline friends. One of the food items that you should avoid giving to your cats is almonds. Almonds may be a delicious and healthy snack for humans but it contains substances that cats cannot tolerate. If you gave your cat's almond by accidents and in small quantities then there is no need to worry. Small amounts of almonds will not pose a significant health risk to your cat's health. So people who are asking can cats eat almonds, the following information will be useful.

Not really toxic

According to animal health experts, almonds are not really toxic to cats. This means that occasionally feeding your cats with small amounts of almonds is OK. But still, consuming almonds can still pose some health problems for your cats. One of the reasons for this is the presence of Cyanogenic Glycosides, a natural toxin, in almonds. In small amounts, this toxin is harmless. If taken in large quantities though it can cause a form of cyanide poisoning to cats. Symptoms of cyanide poisoning include upset stomach and dilated pupils. In extreme cases, cyanide poisoning can lead to shock and even death.

Stomach upset

In some cases, even a small amount of almonds can cause some health problems. This is because fats contained in the nuts can cause an upset stomach among cats. If you see your cat vomiting or having lose bowel movement right after eating almonds, then it is most likely that it is suffering from an upset stomach. Consuming high amounts of fat in almonds can lead to pancreatitis.

Other ingredients

You should also watch out for almond snacks that contain ingredients that are also not suitable for cats. Some almond snacks, for example, contain high amounts of sodium. Cats should not take high amount of sodium especially without drinking sufficient amounts of water. Too much sodium in a cat's diet can cause a condition known as sodium toxicosis. This condition should not be taken lightly because in some cases it can lead to death.

Chocolate covered almond

You should also watch out for chocolate covered almond. Chocolate can be toxic to cats because it contains a substance called theobromine. You may think that you are giving your cat a treat by giving it chocolate. But the truth is you are endangering its health. This is why you should be careful of having chocolates lying around if you have a cat in the house.

More mindful

Now that you know the answer to the question, can cats eat almonds? You can now start being mindful of the food that you give to your cats. To be safe, you should stick to a proven brand of cat food.

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