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When you take your canine friends to the dog park you want them to be just as stylish as you are. Whether you own a large dog or a small one there are all sorts of accessories to choose from to outfit your pooch for a day out and about.You may think only tiny dogs can be accessorized, prepare to be surprised by all the great accessories you can find for dogs of all sizes.

Dog Hair Bows are versatile accessories that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So if you want to put a bow on your German shepherd go right ahead!

Maybe you want to train your dog using a bell ringing system, poochie bells are available in many different designs so that even training can be a fashionable exercise.Taking a trip down the aisle? Don't leave your canine buddy out of the big day. Get him a bow tie or necktie wedding collar. These are ideal for dogs that don't do well with actual dog clothing. They come in all sizes and colors so your dog can be the “best man” at your special occasion.

Fashionable harnesses are made to be pretty and durable. Whether you want to deck your poodle out in polka dots or find a cool tough guy harness for your Chihuahua there are fashionable harnesses available to suit every style and every dog.

Collars and Leashes are the most common dog accessories and you can choose from literally hundreds of colors, prints, styles, designs and materials for your dog. Consider a jeweled pink dainty collar for your pretty Pekinese or a sturdy leather collar with matching skull printed leash for your Doberman.

Dog boots and shoes aren't just for show. These accessories serve to keep your dogs feet warm and dry in bad weather. They also help cut down on clean up for you when you when you return indoors. Simply remove your dogs boots at the door and you don't have to wash or dry muddy feet, or mop up paw prints. There are also shoes for indoor use that keep your dog's claws from scratching the floor or people.

If you've never thought about all the great ways you can accessorize your dog it's time to start. There are so many options that you could easily give your pooch a new look every day of the week. Don't forget there are also dog goggles and dog sunglasses to complete any look.

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