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Some cats need lots of stimulation and interaction and most certainly a good cat toy to keep them active and happy. CatIt Senses Play Circuit is the perfect toy to keep your cat busy and amused for quite a few hours; it is not like most other cat toys that are easily destroyed or toys that your cat easily gets bored of. The Senses Play Circuit has been cleverly made and thought out. It comes in a cool 'S' shaped futuristic design; it ensures that your cat's sight, sound and touch senses are really tested and stimulated to the fullest. Your cat will love the planned game of spotting the ball, then chasing after it and finally striking the ball and attempting to retrieve it. This all takes place in a sealed circuit which keeps your cat amused for hours on end.

The Cat it Senses Play Circuit would be suitable for most cats as there is a special designed ball that stands out in its bright colours, this makes it easy for all cats to learn and enjoy, even kittens are quick to catch on to this inventive game. This is an inventive game aimed to keep your cat engrossed and captivated and will most definitely help to stop boredom and destruction amongst cats.

The product is easily put together and is very well made, you can even change the shape of it slightly for variance. There are also some other great products in the CatIt range but I would recommend this as a starter for your cat. I would say I found this to be a great tool for my cat who loves nothing more than to have a good old game of chase and he rarely likes to sit still.

My cat never gets bored of it and whenever I get the circuit out for him to play with, it still has him leaping up from his favourite spot, to start the challenge all over again. One thing he really does enjoy is sticking his paw inside the teaser gaps along the length of the circuit, this is in an attempt to attain the ball, of which of course he ever manages to because that is the way the circuit has been designed!

A great benefit of this CatIt Senses Play Circuit for me, is that it stopped my cat from taking out his destruction and boredom on my armchair which has had numerous repairs! I really didn't know that there were such cat games like this that would make such a huge difference in mine and my cat's life. It just shows how things have changed and have developed over the years.

If you have a cat that needs to be kept occupied, this circuit is sure to do the trick and your cat will be more than happy if you come home with a CatIt Senses Play Circuit.

Almost 70 percent of other purchasers gave this a great rating and also experienced the same benefits I did, with this brilliant product that is designed by CatIt Design.

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