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If you want to add a new cat in your family, one of your most important goals is to make sure that he is healthy and happy. Naturally, all cats will use the litter box, and one of the first questions on the minds of those with a new cat is what type of litter to buy.

Kittens are very fastidious when the question arises on selecting the cat litter. However, the good news is that they normally learn very swiftly how to use a litter as long as it is odor free, clean, and placed in a right location. For new kitten owners, your pet may have already observed his or her mother using a litter tray.

Cat's often copy their mother while doing its private business. In that case, you do not have to put a lot of effort on teaching him on how to use cat litter tray. All you need to do is show your new kitten where the tray is kept and encourage him or her to go to the tray at the right time.

There are some suitable time-slots when your kitten is ready to eliminate. During this period, you need to encourage your kitty to visit the tray like immediately after waking, within half-an-hour of eating a meal and when they are sniffing around or conducting like they are about to go.

Nevertheless, if he or she is reluctant to go at these times, you can encourage your kitten by placing him or her gently into litter tray. Or, you can indicate the path of the litter box. Once finished, make sure you praise or reward your kitten like your kid.

Although, if your kitten is unwilling to use the litter box, given below are some vital points to try:

  1. You can place your litter box in a quiet corner, away from doorways and noise. Often choosing the right location can make your kitten feel free to eliminate.
  2. Make sure never place the cat litter tray next to your cat's food and water. They do not like this type of place arrangements.
  3. Cats are very fussy about cleanliness. They do not prefer dirty, noisy litter tray. So make sure the tray must be cleaned daily with precautions.
  4. Before choosing the litter tray, make sure it is right for your kitten size. If it is too small, your kitten won't be able to get in. Sometimes, big litter box creates problem.
  5. Never use sand from the garden as it could make your kitten dirty as well as noisy.
  6. In case, if you have more than one kitten in your home, you will require a tray for each cat plus an extra tray. The extra trays will help you while doing their business.
  7. Last but not the least, make a specific schedule feeding times at the same time each day. Through this, you can predict your kitten's toilet time.

Furthermore, aside from this there are some training products that help your feline friend learn how to use a normal cat litter.

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