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I would most certainly describe myself as a “cat person”. I live with two beautiful kitties that are very energetic. When the rainy weather starts, my cats spend a lot of time indoors and don't get a lot of activity. I was looking around for a toy that they would like playing with, but was also a little more interactive, so that they would not get tired or bored of it quickly.

Searching through several toys and treats, I settled on the Cat's Meow. This cool new toy has been a great addition to the toy box, and my cats love playing with it almost every day.

What is the Cat's Meow?

If you have yet to see the advertisements, this new kitty toy is a disc shaped sheet with a motor unit in the center that drives a wand around in a circle. The wand running under the nylon sheet simulates a mouse scurrying under a carpet, appealing to a cat's natural instinct to chase prey.

The motor will change directions and speeds at random, so that your cat will never know which way to turn or where it will go next. This will keep kitty entertained for a lot longer as it seems that the toy is alive and actively trying to get away.

Assembly and Quality of Materials

When I first received my order, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wouldn't take more than a couple minutes to have the Cat's Meow up and running. After fitting in the 3 AA batteries that run the motor the toy was ready to go.

I was a little skeptical about the nylon fabric of the main sheet, but it seems that I was wring to assume that it would be torn apart easily. After three months of almost daily use, the nylon is still in pretty good shape, despite my cats best efforts to rip it apart.

The motor unit is strong and fairly quiet, and has not lost any of its power over the past few months, which I was very happy to note. I have gone through a lot of similar toys because they just seem to break down and stop working after a few weeks.


The only problem I can really think of is the length of the battery life. I will admit that the Cat's Meow gets a lot of action at our house, and is used almost daily. The first set of batteries that I used wore out after about two weeks, when I noticed that the little wand wasn't getting away from my cats anymore.

I now use rechargeable batteries, because it just seems like a more cost effective method than buying replacements every month, and its better for the environment as well.

Feline Enjoyability

Probably the most important question, will kitty like it?

I know that my cats have had a great time playing with the Cat's Meow, and have not gotten tired of it even after three months. When the weather starts to get wet outside I know that this toy will be even more popular than it is now.

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