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Before cats where domesticated they where first used to protect stored rice and other foods from mice. This situation was a win for both humans and cats, because cats got a regular meal and humans got free pest control and because the cats did not have to be fed because they fed themselves it was soon after that people realized just how important a cat in the home could be. In the middle ages since many would equate the black plague with the wrath of god people started to massively kill cats. Since cats where looked at as evil because of their independent and lone wolf life style. The ironic part of it is that if cats would have not have been so severely persecuted in the middle ages than they could of severely helped slow the spread of rats, which where the cause of many plaques including the black plague. Although cats are still deeply entwined with many superstitions associated with such things as the underworld and witches, these days the household cat enjoys a much more leisure life style. Now that we have pest control there is a less need for their rodent control it is still very easy to tell that cats still hold these instincts that made humans begin there bond with the species. This is especially apparent by their behaviors. Behaviors such as bringing home nasty rodents and laying them on your bed as presents, or rubbing themselves against the fabrics and leaving their smell and hair all over the bed. Although this is natural of their species and they are only making their areas by rubbing the oils on their heads on to various places in the house, this is not the best thing to sleep on. Because of this behavior you can soon find that the bed set that cost you an arm and a leg is now beyond your repair. So that you do not find your bed set ruined it is important to use duvet covers on your bed if you own a cat. Cats are very independent and because of that they are hard to tame, unlike dogs they do not see us as leaders of the pact but more as equals that is why it is so hard to teach cats not to repeat behaviors such as staying off the bed. Duvet covers can help by protecting your comforter. And that is why many cat owners love using a duvet set.

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