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Anyone who loves their cat should want it to be as happy as possible when they are not at home. Providing your pet with a place of its very own to play, explore, or even just take a comfy snooze is one of the best ways to do guarantee it will enjoy its time and remain healthy and active. More often than not a cat tree is the best tool for the job.

A Place To Go Wild

Today most cats live indoors and that means they don't have the chance to hunt, climb, stalk around the yard, or explore. Cats therefore need to have a place where they can release these natural behaviors. If they don't they may end up using their excess energy on your furniture which is not something you want. It can cause damage to your home and a lot of frustration. Not to mention cost you a lot money particularly if you are renting.

Safe At Home

Having a cat tree will also give you some serious peace of mind. There is no better and safer place for your pet to enjoy itself than in your home especially when you know it won't be exposed to any predators, pests, or other dangers. By giving it, its own special place for fun you also won't be constantly thinking about what naughty things they could be getting up to while you're out or at work and that is a huge stress reliever.

The Basics

Sometimes also called a cat climbing tree, this is one tree you won't have to call the fire department to get your feline down from. There are actually many different designs manufacturers have come up with to make them incredibly convenient for both pets and owners alike. Most will have a perches for your cat to sleep and scratching posts too which can save you some cash so you won't have to buy them separately and obviously will help save your furniture. Many will also have toys attached for added fun.

Bringing It To The Next Level

If you want to step it up a notch there are some larger choices. There are tall cat trees with multiple perches at different levels to give your cat more vertical space to have some fun if they really love to climb. The biggest and most intricate is what's known as a cat tree condo. These have all sorts of cubbies, stairs, toys, posts and perches to keep single or multiple cats entertained for hours on end three hundred and sixy five days a year.

Every pet not only deserves a place to have some fun but actually needs one to stay mentally and physically healthy. Whether you have one cat or a bunch of fur babies to keep occupied a cat tree is the simplest way to do it and without having to worry about the safety of your cat or furniture.

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