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Your cat has a natural instinct to scratch on a wide range of surfaces. This calls for placing a good scratching post in your home. There are different types of cat trees to choose from. If you scour the market, you would find at least a dozen type of scratching posts available. This can be a difficult situation when you want to get the best possible post for your pet. The following 3 factors are going to be quite helpful in finding the ideal post for your little friend.

The first factor to consider is Texture. In most cases, your cat would have a special liking for a specific type of surface. If your pet has a liking for scratching your furniture, then you should understand that it likes wooden surface. This calls for buying a wooden kitforcats post. However, if it has a liking for scratching and tearing off the fabric in your home, then a post covered in sisal would be your best option.

A sisal scratching post is made from sisal rope that is wrapped around the post. You can also find carpet-made cat trees, but it is best not to bring this type of posts home because the material can trap your pet's claws. In most cases, sisal is most preferred because it has the toughness almost similar to wood and the texture of a fabric.

The second factor to be considered when buying kitforcats scratching post for your cat is durability. You must know that your cat wouldn't scratch anything that is not durable. Based upon the size of your pet, you would also have to fix the scratching post onto something or add some extra weight onto the base so as to prevent it from tipping over.

The third factor to be considered when choosing cat trees is the length of the post. You don't want to give a shorter post that would be a nuisance to your cat rather than being a relief. Make sure to get a scratching post that is minimum 2 feet in length. This would enable your cat to make a full stretch without any issues. Keep these three points in mind and you would be able to get a good post for your kitty.

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