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Rover Company PVC Cat Enclosures come in modular panels, allowing you to easily assemble a Cat Cage in any number of sizes and shapes. These PVC panels are connected using snap-on panel hinge clips so you can add or remove panels, and a variety of accessories are available to get the most out of your enclosure. The modular PVC Cat Enclosures from Rover Company make a great play pen for your cats, and they last significantly longer than wire cages. Our PVC Cat Cages will not rust, rot, peel, flake or hold odor.A selection of different heights is available, so if you have a one cat or a numerous cats, you can find an appropriate size for your pet. The enclosure walls range from 18 inches tall, perfect for toy breeds, all the way up to 72 inch tall walls, tall enough for the whole family of cats. The Small Cat Enclosure work well if you travel, allowing you to take your kitten with you.

No tools are needed to assemble our Cat Enclosures. In addition to the standard enclosure panels, you can also add Door Panels, PVC Floors, and Mesh Shade Covers. The door offers a convenient way to get your pets in and out of the PVC Cat Enclosure without having to open up your entire enclosure. PVC floors are a perfect way to protect your carpet or hardwood floors.The grates provide the support your pets need without causing splayed toes or other painful foot conditions. The capped sun breeze covers are perfect for the outdoor enclosure, providing enough shade to keep your pets cool, while maintaining adequate airflow, and reducing the chances of your pets jumping out. Rover Company Cat Cages are completely expandable, come in a wide range of sizes to fit all quantities of cats, and have a variety of accessories to choose from. All of our products are environmentally safe, will not rust or corrode, and are portable and light weight. They are safe for pet's teeth, hair, and skin, and no tools are required for assembly. The policies and procedures of conducting business with Rover Company will not change. We are, as we always has been, 100% committed to providing you with a level of customer service unsurpassed in the pet industry. We also do intend to continue in the direction of working hard to be green and friendly to our environment. Visit us online for the best selection and just click and we ship same day for your new Cat Cage.

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