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Are you wondering how to build a cat tower without breaking the bank. Wondering how to provide hours of kitty climbing fun and exercise? Wondering what you can do to keep your spoiled feline housemate from waking you up to play at 2 am?

You've seen those elaborate, expensive cat climbing towers in the pet store and know that your kitty would love to have a spot all her own, away from the dog and kids and not on top shelf of your closet. With some imagination, basic woodworking skills and scraps of plywood and carpet that you probably already on hand you can build your own cat tree.

You Need a Plan

You need to plan where this new piece of furniture is going to go and how much room you have for it. Are your eyes bigger than your living room? Get out that tape measure and be sure.

Take a look at what materials you have on hand. You're going to need a good sized piece of plywood for the base so that the cat tree has good stability. No crashing kitties please! You're also going to need something for the post(s). Wooden fence posts work well, just keep in mind that they are heavy. How much carpet do you have on hand? Do you plan to cover the posts with carpet or just the platforms? How many platforms?

The design of your cat climbing tower is going to depend a lot on what materials you have on hand, how much room you have for the tower, what you want to spend on additional materials, and of course how many cats are going to be using it!

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