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When people get a kitten for their homes, there are many issues they have to bear in mind. For example, they must ensure they provide the right sort of cat nutrition for it. However, another crucial point is to make sure the little creature does not go missing.

Recently, one young kitten who ended up in trouble after venturing from its carers had to be rescued from six feet under the ground in the US, 7Online WSVN-TV reports.

The feline was trapped at the bottom of a light pole in a car park. Firefighters rushed to the scene to help her. One of those involved in the mission was Gina Hudson from the Miramar Fire Rescue division.

During the rescue, she remarked: “[The call] came in as a cat stuck in a drain. We got here and determined it wasn't a drain. The kitten was actually stuck in a light pole in a parking lot. She's about five to six feet down into the ground.”

With the help of a specialist vehicle, the top of the light pole was removed so that people could access the hollow area where the frightened creature was. Ms Hudson pointed out that the task to retrieve the cat was not easy as she retreated further down the base of the pole each time she tried to get hold of her.

She went on to note that she has been involved in animal rescues before. The firefighter stated: “I'm always on duty when there's an animal stuck. It's my luck. It's my calling.”

Previous adventures have seen her recover creatures from drains, walls and attics.

The future of the kitten now lies with Ms Hudson's seven-year-old daughter, who wants to look after her. The family will have to ensure the correct cat nutrition is provided for the pet if she is to grow to her full potential and enjoy good health.

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